Stormwater Ordinance 2022-275 adopted September 20, 2022

Borough of Avondale MS4

MS4 Brochure

The Borough Council will be taking public comment on the MS4 Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Pollution Reduction Plan. Written Comments will be accepted through the public meeting on October 18th. Click this link to read the TMDL Plan.

Stormwater Discharge to Municipal Storm Water Systems
(NPDES – Phase II)

Please note, effective March 10, 2003 the Borough of Avondale is subject to the new Federal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System – Phase II mandates for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4). This means the Borough will endeavor to monitor all earth disturbance and other contributions to the Municipal Storm Sewer System within the Borough Limits to assist in protection of quality of its creeks and rivers. Any illegal contribution to the Borough’s storm sewer system will be noted and the violators will be issued a warning to desist and correct the violation. If the violation continues the violators will be subject to penalties.

As part of this program, stormwater inlets, or catch basins, in the Borough have been marked DUMP NO WASTE – DRAINS TO STREAM.

The quality of our waterways is everyone’s concern and mutual consideration and cooperation is expected to maintain the quality of Pennsylvania’s waterways.

Stormwater discharge is exactly what it says, water generated from a storm event. No other runoff should be directed to the stormwater system. The Borough has an ordinance (No. 222, enacted on 5-2-08) that prohibits non-stormwater discharges, with certain possible exemptions. These are permitted only if they do not pose a significant contribution to pollution to surface waters of the Commonwealth.

We appreciate your understanding and hope for mutual cooperation to ensure compliance with these new regulations.

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